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So today was the day, we decided to start with chocolate because come on who dosen’t love chocolate!!! Since I have limited kitchen appliances I figured this would be an easy start (hahaha). We found our recipe on food network, I’ll link it later in the post. So Brianna decided she wanted to be in charge of the whipped cream while I melted the chocolate. We each measured our ingredients and got on with it. As I stated earlier we have limited kitchen appliances, this includes NOT having an electric mixer. Brianna now has biceps of a champ, since she used a whisk for almost 30 min to make the whipped cream. I had to do the same with the egg whites but it was easier for me since I have done it before. Anyway our quick and easy dessert turned out to take us just over an hour!!! All in all it was a fairly simple and straight forward recipe. It was delish (as Brianna says) but very rich!!! We would definitely make this again but only if we get an electric mixer, (which Bri has said is now mandatory for our kitchen. Up next I’m thinking lets go Italian!!!