Back when I liked in Flagstaff I worked at a tea house called Tea and Sympathy and I loved their scones with cream and lemon curd. I have been wanting to have them again for many years but always thought it was so difficult to make, boy was I wrong!! This was so simple to make. I found a recipe for scones on the Joy of baking website, ( The lemon curd came out creamy and tart and was simple enough for Brianna to make. I found a great recipe for Devonshire cream, it was not quite what I thought it would be. I am not sure if it is the actual recipe but it was perfect for what we wanted.

We made the lemon curd and Devonshire cream last night and this morning it only took us about 30 minutes to make the scones. The scones came out light and flaky and paired perfectly with the sweetness of the Devonshire cream and tartness of the lemon curd. I highly recommend making this if you want an easy breakfast that will impress.