Although it wasn’t on my list I made dinner for my whole family (12 of us all together). I made Pulled pork sandwiches on corn muffins, with corn fritters and red cabbage slaw. It was good, although I don’t think I would make it again. I put a pork but in the crock pot over night on low adding some orange juice, herbs de Provence, garlic and chopped onions. It was on for 16 hours and fell off the bone (so tender). Then I simply removed and extra fat and shredded it adding some BBQ sauce.  For the corn fritters I modified a recipe that I had found online, mixing corn (cut from the cob from leftovers earlier in the week), butter, sugar, salt, pepper, eggs, flour and a little baking powder. I quickly fried them up in some vegetable oil till they were crisp.  The slaw was easy to make simply shredding a head of cabbage, and some carrots. Then I mixed in some golden raisins, (I opted to leave the red onion out as I am not a fan of onions. Then I mixed the dressing of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and sugar up. I poured half of it over and let it sit for an hour before we ate. When everything was ready I added a little more dressing mixed it then served.  I encouraged everyone to layer their food; half the corn muffin, pulled pork, slaw, corn fritter, and the other half of the muffin. It was good, but the slaw had a very overpowering vinegar flavor on its own. I enjoyed the sweet (BBQ sauce) and tangy (slaw) concept but would adjust the vinegar mixture some. Of course after dinner was made, eaten, and cleaned up I thought about taking a picture. So I will end this post with not a picture of the food but a picture of Brianna (my daughter) and I. Hope you enjoy our foray into cooking, and come back and visit us.